-Photo by Ruby Varela

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Hello, My name is Julian! The family man, the outdoorsman, adventurer, the art appreciating artist, the coffee drinker, craft beer lover, and the photographer who loves to capture Rare & Wild Hearts.

The story begins when I was going through old family photo albums and seeing these simple snapshots of my great grandmother, my tias, tios, and photos of my mother & father, all before they became parents. These photos were filled with so much life, quirks; unposed moments that gave me a deeper insight of who they were. I fell in love with that and wanted to create something like that for my self. With in a few years a simple hobby became something that I believe is my calling. I then decided to quite my job as a warehouse clerk and go to college to further my education in Arts.

Around the time I found out that I was going to be a father, I instantly knew it was time to capture raw, quirky, intimate moment for a living. I have been doing so ever since, and I LOVE IT!

-Photo by Jaime Jacobo

-Photo by Jaime Jacobo


I'm a calm and easy going person who loves chatting and laughing with people I connect with during sessions. I look to dig a little deeper; I want to tell your story, create something that reflects you. Rather then just making a pretty portrait.  I won't pose you, more like direct you in conversation capturing the raw moments in between. 

At weddings my mission is to ensure you enjoy your day; to live in the moment. I’m more than just your photographer, Im a friend who helps calm you and ensure everything goes smoothly. I will make sure to capture every moment for you.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Julian Guevara


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