Joannah + Jaccob Couple Session

These two were absolutely awesome! This was actually a birthday session that Jaccob booked for his wife Joannah, that's such a great idea, right!?!? It was a good 3 hour drive from Lancaster, Ca to get to the location, so we defiantly made a whole day out of this. The location was at Oso Flacko Beach & I have never been there before, and I was just at AHHHH! It was about 1 mile from the parking lot to the sand dunes... with in that one mile it feels like you enter into 4 different worlds. The first its a paved walk path entering under a thick woodsy area with a swamp to the right... made me feel like I was in the deep south of the USA, though Ive never been. The second area when you walk over a bridge into an open lake with huge swans & fish, this area reminded me of the Notebook, you know the movie; the scene where Noah paddles out into the lake showing his long lost love where all the swans are just before they got caught in the rain... well yes if you know what I mean, thats what it looked like. The Third area was surrounded by a butch of shrubs that made me feel that I was back at home in the Antelope valley. then the last area was the sand dunes! Ive never been at a sand dune before, and to have it right by the ocean was incredible... and to top it all off there was a river cutting through the dunes, you could see the lake in the back ground of some of the photo. This place is one of the most beautiful places Ive been too, but I feel like I say that to every knew place I find my self at. 

None the less, Traveling and having a Photo Session at the place you love, with the person you love has to be an incredible birth day gift, and I am so honored to be the one to capture the love that these two have for each other. 


Julian Guevara