Intamate Couples session

This has been the first journal entry with in the last few months. I have been busier than ever, which is a good thing right? Well I finally had a window of opertunity to post some sessions on this journal. So you will be seeing more of these to come.

This Session was created some time before summer started. I love working with rad people who are open to new ideas. So if you like these feel free to reach out and give virtual high fives! Enjoy


Thats It. Thank you for viewing. Much Love!

Angela + Matt Reunited Session

Nicole + William Engagement Session

These two were one of the funniest couples I've photographed so far. These two were in there own world, just enjoying each other as if I wasn't even there at all. They definitely made my job capturing there love easy. It was a good thing two, we had to move locations at the very last minute because the open field we scheduled to meet up at was so windy that we couldn't hear our self speak. Im glad that we were able to create a successful session. I hope you enjoy these photos!