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Portrait session + David Mountain

If you have seen my blog before then you might remember David Mountain. I had the honor to have a interview with him and publish it here on my blog. He's a Local Artist in The Antelope Valley so if your in area be sure to do your self a favor and check out his music. Links to his work will be posted at the end of this blog.

So This location is a new one of mine, I've only photographed here twice. It's in Angeles National Forest and I just love this place, It gave me a diversity of plants and cascade mountains for back drops to work with, Just beautiful! I really wanted to use the wooded area full of pine trees for the main location on this session, for there was a beautiful golden high light coming through the tress from the sun that casted long column shadows coming toward me. Ahh back lit lighting is my favorite lighting but it was a shame we couldn't use that spot due to the fact another photographer was already occupying that space... who would have thought there would be another photographer and a model there on a Thursday evening... (Great minds think alike)  

Since the spot I wanted to used was occupied, I had to descreatly take a few minutes to scout around and think of new ideas and search for the best lighting. It's funny because every photographer that I know tell me, "during photo sessions things always go wrong and a good photographer has to come up with new ideas on the spot." I tried not to make it noticeable to David Mountain that I was thinking of new ideas, but he new that guy was in the spot I wanted to use and he looked at me and told me, "well this is where your creativity show and come to life"

So these are what we've created. Do to what we had to work with, I love these! I hope you do too.

Enjoy life and keep moving forward!

-Julian Guevara

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