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Meet David Mountian.

Before we continue with this interview I would like to add that these little interviews might become a regular series on this blog. I had great fun photographing as well as coming up with questions and I feel these Q and A's will be a great addition. The idea is for one, to give my self assignments to produce content for you the readers, as well as to collaborate with other artist of different genres and media. The idea will be simple a few portraits of the artist and a few questions for the artist. So if you know a artist or if you create work of your own please send me an email and we can meet up! Any ways with out anymore interruptions, enjoy the interview.

Meet David Mountain

Photographed and written by yours truly.

I would like to introduce you to David Hill, or also known as David Mountian. As of right now he is an up and coming artist in the local Alternative, Indie music scene in Antelope Valley. With only 2 demos recorded by Video City Records, there has been a lot of buzz going around about this man. 

I will provide links as to where you can find and listen to David Mountains music as well as links to where you can follow him on his journey. Okay I will shut up now and allow you to read on David Mountains responses.





Q: So how did the name David Mountain come to be?

A: The name David Mountain came to be because my last name is Hill and it is Hill...I don't know, I started getting into hiking a lot and I really got into the outdoors, like camping and backpacking. I just thought of myself as no longer a Hill. I thought of myself like, I'm not a Hill  anymore, like I'm a Mountain and I just really liked it; felt like it had a ring to it, “David Mountain.” I like my name David, So i just decided to go with the name David Mountain.



Q: When and how did you first become interested in music?

A: I first became interested in music when I guess like everyone you know when you're younger like a kid when... well when I was like a kid, I was a sensitive kid since I could remember. I remember for example there would be like a rock outside and like I would see the rock and I would feel bad for the rock. It would be like a cold day and I would look at the rock and like, I would feel so bad about it. I remember kind of like sitting in my room like singing sad songs about that rock and wishing I could take the rock inside but the rock would be too heavy for me to carry in and if I did bring the rock and you know, it's kind of like what about the rocks friends?

Q: How long have you been playing music?

: I've been playing music since well like I said… I learned the guitar when I was younger too, because I had some uncles and cousins that played guitar and they were actually pretty good. It really inspired me because I looked up to them because I don't have any brothers, so I looked up to them because they played guitar. They were into like Blink 182 and like all of those Emo bands and this was back like when all those Emo bands were cool and I was younger. So I saw they were playing it and I thought it was really cool.


Q: What are some of your passions and hobbies?

A: I like to go camping and hiking a lot, well as much as I can. I like drinking if that's a hobby. I'm actually trying to brew my own beer so I guess it's kind of  my big passions right now. It’s good being able to make like nice beer that tastes good that people enjoy you know. Beer is like a social event, so when you're drinking you're always talking and being social and for me it makes me talk to everybody. And of course music… well i'm trying to make music a passion, I love making music, I love writing music, and I love being apart of music.

Q: What is the most trouble you've ever gotten into?

A: I don't know, that's really a tough one for me. The most trouble I ever got into; I don't think i was a bad kid! I would have to say, this one time off the top of my head, I was like skating Cole Middle School and like some security guard came out and he was like with an accent “hey your not suppose to be skating here…” or something like that and then like he put us in handcuffs, but then he just let us go and said “I know you guys arent bad kids.” So thats what I have off the top of my head.

Q: What's your favorite quote?

A: I'm a really cheesy person and I've grown to be okay with this. So I guess my most favorite quote, it would have to be… okay it's pretty lame but it's from The Notebook. The quote is “If you're a bird, I'm a bird.” It's because like you love someone so intensely and you know whatever you are I am too. Like whatever it is that you're going to go through I'm going through too. Whatever is going to happen like we're going to do it together. It’s as simple as that and I think it's cheesy and i'm lame.

Q: If you can blink your eyes right now and be in your favorite place, where might that be?

A: That is a tough one, because I had a favorite place… I don't know I guess it would just be surrounded by all my friends and like seeing everyone smiling, happy and everyone hanging out and drinking and just having a good time. Everyone is just there and there's no worries and we’re barbecuing. I guess it's like a really big family Barbecue and everyone is just having a good time drinking and laughing with music playing the people are dancing. Like there's a full moon and it's like a nice light warm night but like you can still wear a sweater or not and we are all  just like talking about our future and where they're going to be in life. Just like a really cool night you know, I just like a night where everyone's friends and everyone loves each other and I'm just surrounded by people I love.


Q: If there was a perfect day how would you describe it?


A: Well I guess it goes hand in hand with that last question, you know that would be a perfect day or I guess it would be a really fast day, like I wake up and it goes by and I can go back to sleep.


Q: What are some inspiration for your music?


A: Some of my inspirations to my music is, well unfortunately none of my music is happy. Im a happy person but my music isn't happy.  I guess a lot of inspiration for my music comes from loss of friends or a love or absence of someone I care about. My music is mostly sad and I don't think I could ever write happy music. So most of my inspiration comes from heartbreak and i guess sadness that I don't express normally, just in my music.


Q: Why did you choose to play this kind of music?

A: I guess because like I can't help it. My music is and extent of my sadness and I try to use Jazzy chords and I kind of like Blues chords just because that's what my voice range hits and i'm more comfortable hitting those notes with my voice. And I don't know, I like how it sounds together i guess.  

Q: .So right now you have 2 demos out right now on your soundcloud (which you can go check out with the link at the bottom of this page). Why did you write the song Cry Baby?

A: Umm cry baby is another sad song I wrote...of course. I wrote that one because like I felt like a cry baby you know like i’m was just sitting there like bawling my eyes out about you, and just thinking, just love. Love… it sucks! Love you know it's like when you have it, it’s like “DOPE!” but like as soon as it's gone it just sucks. Just the absence of a person that you really care about you know, a person you thought were going to love forever. Unfortunately life is crazy, and life kind of works out how ever it wants to work out. You know when you're in love, you're not just by yourself anymore, you're you in love; not just you by your self... Your David + this person. That's why they give you those nicknames like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, what is it Brangy?… I don't know. You're just not you when you're not in love anymore and is kinda...just sad! Because when it ends you're just like crying all the time, you just feel like a cry baby.

Q: When was the last time you cried?

A: Uhhh probably last week, by last week i mean, what's today?... tuesday, so last week as in saturday. I'm not afraid to cry you know but I won't cry all the time. Ill cry to myself, crying is healthy, crying all the times isn't healthy. But crying to yourself is healthy, your suppose to cry otherwise you wouldn't cry haha i don't know.

Q: Who is little Louie and what is the song about?

A: Little Louie is my cat. My cat’s name is Louie. What's the song about, the song is about I don't know listen to it, what do you think it's about?

Q: Are you working on any new songs right now

A: Yes I am working on new songs, I am constantly working on new songs, I am constantly writing lyrics, I am constantly trying to come up with some cool chords that sound good with my voice. As much free time I get, besides the crying. Haha no um as much free time I get I try to write music. I try to come up with anything I can, well not anything because my music I make is about my feelings. I guess it's just the conclusion of a thought I get and it just comes out to be a song, it's the epitome of all the feelings I get into a song. So yeah new songs coming soon.

Q: what can we expect from you in the future?

A: In the future you can expect more sad songs from me. Who knows maybe even a happy song...hopefuly. I don't really write happy music, it just feels weird to me. Um i dont know just be on the lookout for David Mountain, I’ll surprise you. Well I guess that was David Mountains interview. Thank you.

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Enjoy life and keep moving forward, 

Julian Guevara