Lifestyle photography

Intamate Couples session

This has been the first journal entry with in the last few months. I have been busier than ever, which is a good thing right? Well I finally had a window of opertunity to post some sessions on this journal. So you will be seeing more of these to come.

This Session was created some time before summer started. I love working with rad people who are open to new ideas. So if you like these feel free to reach out and give virtual high fives! Enjoy


Thats It. Thank you for viewing. Much Love!

Flower People at Malibu Creek

Spent the day in Malibu Creek with a few friends, cliff jumping, swimming, relaxing in the cold water… starting this season of adventures early. Side note, I need to take more photos for this personal portion of my journal.

none the less I hope you enjoy, Much Love!


Spruce Grove backpacking trip


Tested photographing while ridding motorcycles

This was the first time I took my camera out and tried to photograph while ridding. I used my canon 5d and my canon 50mm f/1.8 (the plastic fantastic.) The qualities of these photographs is off do to the cheap lens But I actually walked out with some decent photos from this series.

I've now started using my canon 24-70mm f/2.8 L lens. It's a heavier set up but the qualitie is superior and I favor the wider focal lengths. 

 You will see more of these types of photographs in the near future


Enjoy life and keep moving forward


A homage to my film days.

For many of us photographers, we started off  photographing on film and film cameras and I like to think that's the best way to learn this craft. You begin to see how the the emoltion reacts to light and how your method of wet processing and printing changes the effects and quality of the images by the slitest change of the temperature of the water and chemicals to how much you adgitate. At first your images will be terrible but as you keep at it, you will begin to home the craft.

 About a year ago I switch over and started shooting fully digital but the process and the mind set I have when create a photograph hasn't changed. When I  photograph I always think in a ways of film, So that when I'm processing my images I can get the most natural quality in my images. I had alittle fun with these images and I fell in love with the crazy colors all over again. These are what I call digital film and I know that I went alittle over board with the film emulation but I'm in love with the color.


Enjoy life and keep moving forward.  

-Julian Guevara