San Fernando Valley

White on white

On this day, I took a drive out to Santa Monica, Ca. With no intention or vision of what I wanted to photograph. When I arrived I took a strole down the board walk to the very end. As I a got closer to the end, the atmosphere changed. The fog became thicker and the pear became silent, all I can  hear was a man playing a accordion and people lounging enjoying the peaceful scene; kids playing with the birds and people fishing. It made me feel as if I was in another world.

As I was enjoying the moment ive noticed a fisherman with a white shirt. The colors caught my attention and I knew this subject matter would make for a nice photograph... I tried to train my eye to photograph only subjects that look like this, white on white with natural colors surrounding. My only wish is...I wish I walked out with more photographs. 



Enjoy life, and keep moving forward. 

 -Julian Guevara

Dominguez Family Photo Session..."Back to where it all started"

Mr. Dominguez had asked me to photograph his family at the place where he had met his later to be Mrs. Dominguez. Both Annette Sanchez-Dominguez and Jeremiah Dominguez both were students at Montague Charter Elementary Academy and bringing there daughter back to "where it all started" made for a nice photo session.


Enjoy Life and keep moving forward,

Julian Guevara