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Ash + Kory: A Friday the 13th Wedding


This Goth/Halloween inspired wedding was absolutely amazing! So happy that I was able to be apart of this and to be around such beautiful people. Oh and this was also the biggest wedding I've captured so far! Anyways I'm not to good with words, hopefully these photographs gives some justice... Congratgulations Ash + Kory Johnson. Thanks for having as your photographer!

Venue: Elegant Affairs, Lancaster - CA

Photography: Julian Guevara & Camillo Longo

Custom made Veil: Justine Burhanski

Hair: Pricilla

Makeup: @glamby_muarosey


Thanks again for having Ash + Kory!

Cheers, Julian Guevara

The Baez family photo session

25 photographs of the beautiful Baez family.

And the final product. Every package from me comes with a keep sake box.

enjoy life and keep moving forward.

-Julian Guevara

A homage to my film days.

For many of us photographers, we started off  photographing on film and film cameras and I like to think that's the best way to learn this craft. You begin to see how the the emoltion reacts to light and how your method of wet processing and printing changes the effects and quality of the images by the slitest change of the temperature of the water and chemicals to how much you adgitate. At first your images will be terrible but as you keep at it, you will begin to home the craft.

 About a year ago I switch over and started shooting fully digital but the process and the mind set I have when create a photograph hasn't changed. When I  photograph I always think in a ways of film, So that when I'm processing my images I can get the most natural quality in my images. I had alittle fun with these images and I fell in love with the crazy colors all over again. These are what I call digital film and I know that I went alittle over board with the film emulation but I'm in love with the color.


Enjoy life and keep moving forward.  

-Julian Guevara 

Went to the snow.

Winter is here, and along with it... Comes the slow season for my photography, but the good news is that this means I get to take my family out and do things we don't normally do in the busy season.

We had a some what spontaneous idea to take our son to the mountains and show him some snow for the first time. Considering what little snow we've had in the Angeles Forest, we had a blast! These 3 photographs are all I have to show, I was to busy sledding.... 


Enjoy life and keep moving forward,

Julian Guevara