A homage to my film days.

For many of us photographers, we started off  photographing on film and film cameras and I like to think that's the best way to learn this craft. You begin to see how the the emoltion reacts to light and how your method of wet processing and printing changes the effects and quality of the images by the slitest change of the temperature of the water and chemicals to how much you adgitate. At first your images will be terrible but as you keep at it, you will begin to home the craft.

 About a year ago I switch over and started shooting fully digital but the process and the mind set I have when create a photograph hasn't changed. When I  photograph I always think in a ways of film, So that when I'm processing my images I can get the most natural quality in my images. I had alittle fun with these images and I fell in love with the crazy colors all over again. These are what I call digital film and I know that I went alittle over board with the film emulation but I'm in love with the color.


Enjoy life and keep moving forward.  

-Julian Guevara 

My dream of my son.

Almost every night I would have a dream of my son but on this particular one I had a dream that my 1 year old son was running through a field in pure happiness. The dream was so peaceful and uplifting, it put me in a great mood for the rest of the day. I tried to recreate the dream as best as I could and these photographs are close to what I seen and felt. I love my son and his personality; every time I look at these I always laugh and smile, because the photo session was so great to see my son running around in an open field. 

Enjoy life and keep moving forward! 


-Julian Guevara  

First time camping in the snow.

Last weekend three of us set out to try something new... Jorge, David and I had never been camping in dead winter, let alone in the snow. We went out the day after a storm had hit Southern California, leaving close to 14 inches of snow in the higher elevation of the San Gabriel Mountains. The same parts we would find our self in.

I knew this trip would have been a challenge due to the fact; I had to carry cameras to make a video to document the trip, as well as to create photographs that are both beautiful and captivating. This was something I've never done before while camping/backpacking. So this over night stay in the snow was the perfect test to see what I could improve on for longer excursions. I hope you enjoy these photographs and Video below. 

Enjoy life and keep moving forward,

Julian Guevara